Georgian Brassbound Rosewood Medicine Box.

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Georgian Brassbound Rosewood Medicine Box.
A superb brassbound rosewood fitted  medicine box dating back to c.1825. The box features a working lock and key with a bone tag,  with wonderfully different bindings to the corners, a  Brass name plate to the top with the initials “AW”.  The box could have been a Opticians box with the divided tray to the underneath for lenses and sections for glasses to the top.
The box houses it’s original velvet fitted interior with a fitted tray and several different compartments, the box comes with  four glass bottles and two pots to the underneath. There is a mirror behind the  back of the inside lid .
With all the different dividers and sections the box would make a perfect jewellery box, it is in superb original condition. 
The box measures 27 x 20 and stands 12cm high.


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