Victorian Rosewood Music Box.

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Victorian Rosewood Music Box.
A Magnificent Victorian c.1880  8 air  rosewood music box.
The music box has been Gem patented on the 6th 1879, March 8th 1887 and June 7th 1887 with a style number,  please see the writing to the underneath of the box. 
The box has a balance wheel to the inside. It’s rosewood  inlaid, cross banded in tulipwood with a floral inlay to the centre.
Open the box to reveal the drum that plays eight tunes. It only comes with one drum but once the drum  has run down you can press the leaver on the right hand side  and detache the drum and put another one in. 
The box has a stop start button and a repeat or change button with a counter that tells you what  song you are on and a leaver to wind up the  music.
A wonderful sized music box and a great piece that you can add more drums too with eight different tunes on each.
It measures 59 x 26 and stands 21 cm high.


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