Opening Hours and Customer Service

Opening Hours and Customer Service

 Customer Service

Mostly Boxes has been successful for over 30 years as an independent family run Antique Shop. Our success is due to my father Gary’s knowledge and experience in selecting exceptional quality antiques combined with excellent personalised customer service. My aim now with our online presence is to bring those antiques and that personalised experience from the shop, online. Before carrying on I better introduce myself, I am Gary’s daughter Sarah. Many of you know me from working with my father in the shop but those who don’t I’m sure we will get acquainted as I will be that person at the end of the phone or responding to an email. Please contact me with any queries whatsoever relating to anything we can help with and please treat this as an invitation to get in touch as I would love to help;)

 Contact No. +44 1753 865447 



 Opening Hours for Mostly Boxes "Bricks and Mortar" Shop

 Opening Hours for our website

 Monday to Saturday (1000hrs to 1700hrs)

 Monday to Saturday (0800hrs to 2100hrs)

 Sunday and Bank Holidays- Closed.

 Sunday and Bank Holidays (1000hrs to 1600hrs)