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Welcome to Mostly Boxes Antiques, we are one of the UK's leading trusted antique box specialists. We offer a wide range of unique boxes and variety of other antiques. You can discover more about our heritage and reputation for quality in our "About us" page.

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Victorian Architects  Box, £150

Victorian Architects Box

Rosewood Tea Caddy, £410


Rosewood Tea Caddy


Victorian Marquetry Box£300

Beautiful Victorian Maple & Rosewood Marquetry Jewellery Box


 Regency Period Tea Caddy, £355

Regency Tea Caddy


 French Tulipwood Box, £355

19th Century French Tulipwood box


Mid 19th Century French  Box, £605

Mid 19th Century French Box**New**

French Tea Caddy, £355

Antique Tea Caddy


Victorian Jewellery Box, £250



  Victorian Campaign Box, £250

Victorian  Brass Bound Mahogany Campaign Box


Regency Tea Caddy, £390


Regency Tea Caddy


Magnificent  French Table Box,


A magnificent Antique French Table Box


Victorian Jewellery Box, £255

Rosewood Jewellery Box


Rosewood Brass Bound Jewellery Box, £375

Rosewood Brass Bound Jewellery Box


French Burr Cdar Box,


French Burr Cedar Box


Victorian Pollard Oak Box, £355

Victorian 1850 unusual pollard oak box


French Burr Cedar Tea Caddy, £615

French Burr Cedar Tea Caddy


French Rare Box,  £360 



19th Century French Box,


Early 19th Century French Box**New**

Georgian Campaign Box, £440

Exquisite Georgian Solid Mahogany Campaign Box


Regency Rosewood Tea Caddy, £360 

Regency Rosewood Tea Caddy