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Our Response to COVID 19 - Some important questions answered:

1. Is affected? No. We are an online business and are not directly affected by the new UK Government measures. Our website will continue to operate as normal. 

2. Can items still be delivered? Yes. UK Government guidelines say that online shopping sites are still open for business with postal and delivery services operating as usual. We guarantee delivery or money back.

3. Is it safe to handle a product sent from the UK? Yes. The World Health Organisation deems it is safe.

4. What are you doing to in the way of supporting our customers confined to their homes? As a little thank you for supporting us and hopefully providing a little back, we're offering 15% discount on all items, please contact us to get the price reduced for you to order. Please stay safe. Best regards, Gary and Sarah xxx 




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Victorian Microscope, £295

Victorian W.Watson & Son Microscope


Georgian Collectors Cabinet, £465

Georgian Collectors Cabinet


 French Boulle Writing Table



 Victorian Walnut Box, £199

Victorian Writing Slope


Regency Twin Tea Caddy,


Regency Rosewood Twin Canister Tea Caddy


Sheraton Satinwood Tea Caddy £625

18th Century Sheraton Satinwood Tea Caddy.


Victorian Crib Games Box, £225

Victorian c.1840 Inlaid Mahogany Crib Box.


Regency Miniature Leather Box, 


Regency Miniature Leather Sewing/Jewellery Box.


  Regency Rosewood Box, £290

Unusual Shaped Regency Rosewood Box .


 French Maple & Rosewood Box,


French 19th Century Burr Maple & Rosewood Jewellery Box.

 Victorian Military Campaign Box, 




Victorian Patent Till, £325



Victorian Tunbridge Ware Box, £235

Victorian Burr Walnut Jewellery Box with Tunbridge Ware inlay


Victorian  Jewellery Box, £260 



Tunbridge Ware  Box, £299

Victorian Inlaid Walnut Tunbridge Ware Jewellery Box

Micro Mosiac Tunbridge Ware Box, £239

Micro Mosaic Tunbridge Ware Inlaid Walnut Jewellery Box


Art Nouveau Bronze Wall Light, £250

Art Nouveau Polished Bronze Wall  Light.

Victorian Burr Jewellery Box, £355

Victorian Burr Jewellery Box


Edwardian Oak Stationary Rack, £169

Edwardian Oak Stationary Rack.

19th Century Thula Box, £350

19th Century French Thula Jewellery Box.