Georgian Writing Slope

Georgian Writing Slope

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This is a Georgian 1820 brassbound writing slope. The box measures: 35.5 x 20 15.5cm high, it's solid mahogany, it's brassbound with two flush military handles. The box has a cedar mahogany interior, two contemporary Sheffield plated inks and a pen slope, a side drawer that works off a pin to open it and a compartment to the back with its original ribbon for letters, a working lock and key, It has the name engraved on the top which is A.Raby. A wonderful box.


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​***This item is also available at Mostly Boxes our ‘Bricks and Mortar’ shop in Eton, if you wish to purchase please contact us via phone 01753 865447 or complete an  enquiry form  prior to purchase, to check its availability.***

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