Coco De Mer "Love Nuts"

Coco De Mer "Love Nuts"

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Slightly different from our usual antique boxes! This is an early coco de mer, known as the largest type of nut in the world all the way from the Seychelles in the Indian ocean, for the last 20 years there difficult to take out of the Seychelles so if you live abroad this may not be for you , it measures just under 30cm by 26cm it's called a coco de mer there often referred to as love nuts and you can see why with their erotic shape and form this one is in good condition no cracks anywhere something you don't see very often.

To see the item in its full glory please play our video below:


***This item is also available at Mostly Boxes our ‘Bricks and Mortar’ shop in Eton, if you wish to purchase please contact us via phone 01753 865447 or complete an  enquiry form  prior to purchase, to check its availability.***

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