Antique Collectibles

Antique Collectibles

Antique Collectibles
Antique Collectibles|Antique|Collectibles| View our range of original antique collectibles, Military memorabilia, mother of pearl gaming counters, ladles and dippers and paper weights; this category will be added to.

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Victorian Desk Inkwell, c.1850

Product no.: 605

£210.00 *

Victorian Statue

Product no.: 7619

£360.00 *

Early 19th Century Ivory Gavel

Product no.: 7820

£120.00 *

Beautiful Miniature Portrait of a Lady

Product no.: 7867

£250.00 *

Silver & Tortoiseshell Jewellery Trinket Box

Product no.: 7879

£340.00 *

Dutch Tobacco Tin, c.1760

Product no.: 7900

£190.00 *

French Dieppe Crucifix, c.1830

Product no.: 7956

£340.00 *

Nicole Freres of Geneva Music Box,1871

Product no.: 7958

£1,400.00 *

1923 original boxed Slazenger tennis balls

Product no.: 7965

£295.00 *

Victorian Horn Chess Set

Product no.: 8911

£350.00 *

New German Cheroot Case, c.1820

Product no.: 8996

£500.00 *

New Georgian Tortoiseshell and Silver sunglasses

Product no.: 8998

£240.00 *

New Brassbound Coromandel Book Slide

Product no.: 1921

£160.00 *

New Antique Telescope, c.1830

Product no.: 1933

£550.00 *
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Military Memorabilia

Military Memorabilia

Antique Military memorabilia |Antique|Collectibles| Military memorabilia, including vesta/ matchpots made from Royal Naval ships between c.1900 to 1950.
Antique Ladles/ Dippers

Antique Ladles/ Dippers

Antique Ladles/ Dippers |Antique|Collectibles| View our Dippers c.1750 to 1880, made of various materials including Applewood, Whalebone, Fruitwood, Nickle and Yew wood.
Antique Gaming Counters

Antique Gaming Counters

Antique Gaming Counters|Antique|Collectibles| Gaming counters for adults.